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4 benefits of HR outsourcing solutions

For some companies, the idea of outsourcing their human resource tasks is daunting—the perceived lack of control, the time it takes to “make the switch,” and the cost all loom large in the minds of many CEOs and CFOs. In

Small business tasks to complete before year-end

59… 58… 57… Can you hear the clock ticking on 2016? Chances are, you don’t need a reminder that the end of the year is rapidly approaching—but you might need a reminder about the important small business tasks to take

5 ways to help employees plan for retirement

In today’s job market, employers are constantly looking for ways to drive employee engagement and satisfaction. One of the biggest worries for employees is whether or not they are prepared for retirement. As a business owner, you have a great

Understanding the Cadillac Tax

The goals of the Affordable Care Act, as we all know, are to give more Americans access to affordable health care and to reduce the trend of increased spending on health care in the United States. Employers hope to reduce

Adjusting your health insurance coverage

Having health insurance is a benefit that most people don’t take for granted and if coverage is in place many believe; if it’s working why change? The thought of switching health insurance coverage or carriers is something many compare to

Tips for writing job descriptions that attract top flight candidates

So your company is hiring. That’s fantastic news for everyone in this economy! You’re going to hire a few people who really need the job and inject much needed cash into the economy. However, before we even get that far,

Who is a full time employee and what are they eligible for?

These may seem like easy questions to answer but in reality they aren’t because there are no universal answers; it really depends on who you ask and what you are asking about. Typically, employers set the standards for their workforce

Transportation tax rate changes for 2014

Each year, changes to the tax code take effect and you as a taxpayer are responsible, whether you know of the change or not, so I highlighted a few changes that may impact you below. IRS Mileage Rate As most

Engaging your employees with time-off for service

How many of you want to make a difference in your community or in another person’s life?  Most people do, but feel this is impossible given the day to day time constraints of work, raising a family and the pressures

Small business year-end financial checklist: 6 must do’s

“Tis the season” means different things to different people.  For some it’s the season for giving thanks.  For others it’s the season for spending more time with friends and family.  For those involved in the finance side of small businesses: