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4 crucial things to consider when HR budget planning

Budgeting is one of the most high-stakes guessing games businesses participate in. Because budget planning is (ideally) done in the months before the year the budget actually occurs, most budgets must be created without all the details. However, you don’t

What is the Mass Pay Equity Act & how will it affect employers?

In August 2016, Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker signed legislation  S.2119, An Act to Establish Pay Equity, also called the Mass Pay Equity Act, a bipartisan pay equity bill that passed unanimously by both legislative branches. So, what is this act,

What is the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act & how will it affect employers?

In July, Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker signed legislation H. 3680, An Act Establishing the Massachusetts Pregnant Workers Fairness Act, a bipartisan bill that extends protections to pregnant workers in the Commonwealth. So, what is this act, and how might it

How to structure your team’s Paid Time Off

As we’ve discussed in previous articles, the benefits you offer your employees help attract the best candidates, keep your employees engaged, increase morale, and reduce turnover. The paid time off your company offers is a crucial component of those benefits—time

What is a stay interview, & why do you need one?

When you’re spending up to 200% of an employee’s salary just to find the right person for your organization, retaining the new hire you just invested in is crucial. Beyond onboarding and training in the first weeks of employment, many

Why salaries don’t need to be a secret

Let’s face it: For most business owners, talking about salaries with employees is uncomfortable. It can become even more uncomfortable when employees have access to information or systems that would allow them to find out salary information about other employees.

How to successfully train a remote employee

Whew! You’ve finished the interview process, found a candidate you love, completed negotiations, and finally signed all the paperwork to bring them on board—the work is done, right? Wrong! Don’t be fooled into thinking that you get to step back

Employer best practices for interviewing remote employees

Welcome to the 21st century, where interviewing and hiring an employee means you may not get to shake their hand in person at the beginning of an interview—or potentially at all throughout the entire employee lifecycle. That seems kind of

Beyond hiring: 7 considerations in the employee lifecycle

Most small business owners put a lot of time—and money—into hiring. Just how much? The numbers might surprise you: At $8 per hour, you could wind up paying $3,500 per employee in direct and indirect recruiting costs (The Undercover Recruiter).

7 genius tips for engaging employees in the summertime

Ah, summertime. School is out, the city pool is open, and the ice cream man’s truck can be seen going down neighborhood streets on weekday afternoons. It’s a perfect time to relax and enjoy the sticky, sunny days… …Unless, like