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What is a PEO (& why do you need one)?

What is a Professional Employer Organization? A Professional Employer Organization (PEO) allows its clients to outsource many of their human resource functions, share employment liability, and, oftentimes, gain economies of scale to bring an improved benefits package to their employees.

7 Things A New Employee Should Bring On Their First Day

If it’s your employee’s first day on the job, chances are they have a lot on their minds already. Want to make it easier for them to come in to the office confident and prepared to be successful in their

Flexible scheduling best practices for your company

In the never-ending quest to find novel, practical ways to improve employee engagement and reduce turnover, companies across the U.S. have started implementing flexible scheduling practices. According to research from MIT, employees who participated in MIT’s flexible scheduling initiative said

How to deal with midweek holidays in HR

The Fourth of July is almost here! That means fireworks, parades, barbecues, and picnics….and, because the holiday falls on a Tuesday, a headache for many U.S. employers and HR departments.   So what are employers to do when midweek holidays

3 ways to implement a successful diversity recruiting program

Look around your office. Notice anything missing? No, I’m not talking about the lunch one of your co-workers nabbed out of the company fridge—I’m talking about people. For many employers, one of the biggest organizational challenges is a lack of

How long do you need to keep HR paperwork?

One of the most common questions we’re asked is, “How long do I need to keep this HR paperwork?” And it’s a great question—destroying records you should be holding on to could land you in serious legal trouble. Conversely, keeping

3 things employers need to know about office romances

When I first started thinking about this article, I found a hilarious and apropos article called Songs For Ill-Advised Office Romances. While the story made me chuckle, it also made me pretty uncomfortable—and it highlighted why I needed to write

5 surprising facts about the employee lifecycle

How well do you understand what’s going through your employees’ minds at any given point in their tenure at your company? Unfortunately for many employers, by the time they realize their employees are unhappy, they’ve already left the company. Here

How to keep your employee handbook current (and useful)

For many employers, creating content for employee handbooks and policies isn’t necessarily a challenge. The difficulty actually lies in making sure content stays current, is reflective of the organization, and guides and protects the company and its employees. Here are

Marijuana’s future in Massachusetts

Marijuana has an uncertain future in Massachusetts. Currently, it’s legal in the commonwealth—but recent legislation changes could potentially remove key parts of the law. What does this mean for business owners? Background In late December 2016, legislators approved a bill