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Best Practices for Handling Voluntary Quits

There are generally three types of separations: Voluntary Quits Discharge Lack of Work Voluntary quits and the following actions of the employee, employer, and the state involved will be the focus of this post. How separating employees should approach such

How to Manage Per Diem Employees the Right Way

In industries that require work to be done 24/7 or at any moment, healthcare for example, per diem employees can be, and often are, the answer. Literally meaning “daily,” per diem employees work on an as-needed basis, often less than

Don’t Have a Leave Policy? Get One.

The importance of having a leave policy in place cannot be overemphasized. Sure, if your small business consists of you and your spouse, and maybe your 22 year old son, it won’t be necessary. But, in the common scenario that