The PEO Of Choice For Your Company

Not all PEOs are the same. Here’s what sets us apart.

  1. We provide unmatched customer service.

    We provide everything from simple, transparent billing to immediate responses from our own team of HR experts. We’re always here when you and your employees need us.

  2. We provide the best employee benefits packages.

    Our partnership with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, one of New England’s premier health care providers, is just one of many Genesis HR offerings that allow you to attract and retain the best employees.

  3. We provide the best technology.

    You can save time with industry-leading, mobile-enabled technology for handling your HR, benefits, and payroll needs. You’ll save time and have a hassle-free experience up front and every time you log in.

  4. Our solutions are flexible as your company grows and changes.

    As your business changes, we will change with you. We won’t just send you a piece of paper on how to do it—we’ll provide custom strategies and answers you can trust. We’ll help protect your business, your people, and your future.

  5. We’re cost-effective.

    The math just works. We provide excellent return on investment for small and midsized businesses.

  6. With us, your business and your employees are safe.

    We recognize the risk of liability in a co-employment relationship. With us, you’re safe. In addition to ESAC accreditation, for 25 years we’ve been champions in the fight for benefits for small businesses and shaping HR industry legislation.

We remove the burden, distractions, and worries of HR management so you can focus on what you do best.

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