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Benefits are complex. We’ll eliminate the hassle of finding and managing the best plans for your organization.

Choosing the best benefits is getting harder and harder—and the Affordable Care Act seems to make everything more complicated. You won’t have to spend time figuring out if you’re getting a good plan, addressing compliance issues, or even communicating the plan details to your employees—we’ll help you choose the best strategies for your needs and manage insurance vendor relationships.  Here’s how.

  • We make complex benefit plan administration choices easy to understand. Our team selects industry-leading benefit plans and then examines them to make sure they’re good plans for your company. We’ll go through plans with you (in person, via phone, or online) and answer all of your questions.
  • We give you time back by managing insurance carrier relationships. We handle insurance vendor relationships, negotiate annual renewals, reconcile monthly invoices, and help resolve claim problems under group plans for you, so you can spend time doing things you love to do. An added bonus? Our oversight helps protect you from potentially being over-billed by vendors.
  • We keep your employees’ benefits in line. Our PEO benefits you by organizing and taking care of your annual benefit strategy reviews, benefit orientation meetings, open enrollment communication plan, customized online benefit enrollment, and tracking of benefit eligibility. 

Want to take the complexity out of your
benefits plan administration? We’re glad to help.

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