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Improve your company’s performance through sound human resource policies and practices.

We’ll help you build best-in-industry human resource practices and policies and then work with you to implement them the right way. Together, we’ll identify ways to communicate appropriate workplace policies and practices that keep you compliant and keep you in touch with your company’s culture. With us, there’s no HR outsourcing—we work alongside you to create customized, clear, easily-adhered-to policies.

Human Resource Policies

We’ll help you craft an employee handbook of policies that everyone in your organization can understand and follow consistently.

  • Regulatory policies: We’ll guide you through regulations for policies including (but not limited to) equal opportunity employment, employment at will, overtime pay, pay and time record keeping, and sexual harassment policies.
  • Paid time off policies: We’ll help you determine and communicate how your organization handles paid time off practices like holidays, vacation, and sick time.
  • Leaves of absence policies: While you may not know when an employee will need to take a leave, it’s much easier to have one outlined in advance that answers all the questions.
  • Flexible work schedule policies: We’ll help you determine what kind of flexible schedules you can accommodate.
  • Acceptable use policies: We’ll assist in creating use policies for company property, including phones, computers, cars, etc.
  • Business and travel reimbursement: Create clear policies around what employees do and do not get paid back for when traveling.  

Human Resource Practices

Beyond the employee handbook, we’ll help your organization develop HR practices that support your culture and encourage growth.

  • Effective interviewing tips and developing an interview process.
  • Pre-employment background check practices, including drug screening and criminal checks.
  • New hire orientations and employee integration strategies—creating the plans your organization needs in order to effectively assimilate a new hire.
  • Compensation planning approaches—how your organization reviews pay rates for employees systematically, reviewing market data to ensure you’re paying within range, adjusting annually for inflation, and creating strategies for performance-based/merit increases.
  • Best practices for regular employee surveys that take your employees’ pulse on whatever you want to measure and then incorporating that feedback into your organization.

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