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Nurture your best employees. Weed out the bad seeds.

Find, manage, train, and develop your employees with human resource management from Genesis HR. Together with your management team, we’ll help you create a plan to communicate effectively with your employees, set performance expectations, establish methods to measure success, provide constructive feedback, and more. Here are some examples of the PEO performance management tools we provide:

  • Employee consultation and constructive feedback templates (both verbal and written). We can help you convey the appropriate message for times when you need to give employees difficult feedback but don’t want to create liability.
  • Custom job descriptions. We’ll help you create job descriptions for roles in your organization, so you can determine if you have the right skillsets identified for the right jobs, plan for growth, and have backup if you must discipline employees. Our PEO services include guiding you through best practices of creating and maintaining job descriptions, providing sample job descriptions of similar jobs, and giving direction as you draft job descriptions.
  • Performance improvement plan essentials. Addressing under-performing employees is a crucial part of any healthy organization. We’ll help you create a performance plan—a formal document that, ideally, helps your struggling employees by targeting specific areas that need to be improved. 
  • Performance review forms. We’ll help you determine and implement the best type of  assessments for your company with customizable performance reviews. Whether you are wondering how to implement annual assessments (including self assessments and 360-degree assessments) or new-hire reviews, we can help you identify the key pieces your company needs.

Questions about how performance management with a PEO might work for your company? We’re glad to answer.

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