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Is your workplace a safe environment for your employees?

Workplace injuries can happen anywhere—anything from a slip and fall in the office parking lot to a repetitive motion injury—and your office isn’t immune. While some employers have more potential risks than others, no matter your organization, it’s good to have resources for employee risk management on hand if and when you do need them. We’ll assist you in doing everything you can to prevent accidents—so you can keep your employees and your business safe.

But, if you do have a claim, we’ll guide you through it all: We’ll provide your required workers’ compensation insurance policy, manage it, respond to claims, and then help with a successful return-to-work scenario. Here’s what else our PEO risk management strategies can do for your company:

  • Provide administration of workers’ compensation certificates as requested.
  • Help guide you through communication with carriers. We’ll perform reviews and analysis, including filing the First Report of Injury, coordinating medical billing between the insurance carriers and the employee, and ensuring the employee receives the proper benefits and returns to work in a timely manner.
  • Provide safety training resources so you can prevent incidents before they occur.
  • Perform worksite visits to ensure environments are safe.
  • Assist with transitional light-duty job development. When an injured employee returns to work, we’ll help you find the right job for them, so they can get back to work.
  • Complete the annual OSHA log reporting, as required by law. 

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