Here are this week’s links to a few good stories that we found and selected because we feel they might add valuable insights and perspectives for small to medium size businesses.

  • Will the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) significantly impact individual taxpayers?  Not so says the National Association of Enrolled Agents.  As for Small Businesses, that may be another story.  The CPA Practice Advisor posted a brief summary of what business owners might expect in Small Businesses and the Affordable Care Act.
  • There is a good reason many businesses include  a “use it or lose” component in their vacation policy.  Having a well rested employee just makes good sense.  Sean Blanda in his article The Secret to Productivity? Relax.  posted on the Open Forum website agrees with this philosophy.
  • Many believe that a company’s CEO should be the brightest person in the room.  I know that’s not true in my case.  Dave Lavinsky writing for Small Business Trends makes a case for the CEO who doesn’t have all answers in Do You Think Oblivious CEOs Perform Better?