PEO Solutions For Nonprofits

Partnering with Genesis HR helps you spend less on your HR, benefits, and payroll so you can allocate more to your purpose.

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Attract the best and brightest employees.

Your nonprofit won’t lose out on recruiting top change-makers and innovators, because you’ll be able to leverage a competitive benefits package.

Stay financially accountable.

Stay accountable to your board and your donors. By spending less money on human resources, payroll, and related items, you can allocate more money to achieving the goals of your cause.

Devote more time to your cause.

With Genesis HR’s help, you will spend less time on things that don’t contribute to the mission of your nonprofit, and you’ll free up time to spend working toward your goals.


  1. Like you, we’re a good neighbor.

    We’re proud New Englanders who know it is important to play a positive role in the community and in our charitable pursuits. We’re a proven provider—in 2016, we’re celebrating 25 years in the HR solutions industry.

  2. We’re here when you need us.

    We’ve earned our reputation by being responsive, accessible, and available to get you quick answers when you need them. Unlike national PEOs or other vendors who make you wait and give you the runaround, we’ll answer your questions and help you solve any issues quickly and decisively. Even more, your employees themselves are free to contact us whenever they need to. We encourage you and your employees to contact us—we’re happy to help!  We really care about your organization and your people.

  3. Partnering with us is a cost-effective solution.

    The math just works—you get a lot for what you spend. We provide excellent return on investment for small and midsized organizations. You’ll enjoy predictable costs that make it easy for you to plan for the future and avoid shock losses that can throw off your budget. Plus, you won’t have to hire an internal HR employee, which will save you money as well as training time.

  4. We’re an ESAC-accredited PEO.

    Would you invest all of your hard-earned money in a bank that wasn’t FDIC-insured? Of course not! The same is true for trusting a PEO—if you work with PEO companies that aren’t ESAC-accredited, you run the real risk of losing a significant amount of money and encountering huge inconveniences if that company shuts down or closes unexpectedly. Our accreditation is proof we take compliance seriously: We undergo a major audit each quarter that keeps us in good standing. This type of accountability is something your board of directors shouldn’t overlook.

The PEO market is crowded. We’re different.
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How We’ve Helped Nantero Inc.


“We’ve run the numbers and said, ‘we couldn’t afford to do this without them. It doesn’t make any sense.’ (…) You get the advantage of an HR department of a company of a thousand people, when, in fact, we’re only 50 people, and also without doing the hard learning. Our people can focus on their work, and not on worrying about their benefits.”

Senior Director Operations/Controller
Nantero Inc.

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