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Flexible scheduling best practices for your company

In the never-ending quest to find novel, practical ways to improve employee engagement and reduce turnover, companies across the U.S. have started implementing flexible scheduling practices. According to research from MIT, employees who participated in MIT’s flexible scheduling initiative said

Pros & cons of auto-enrolling your employees in a 401(k) program

Should you auto-enroll your employees into your company’s 401(k) program? You don’t need to shake a magic eight ball to make a decision. Instead, take a look at the pros and cons, and then make an educated decision for your

What employers should know about Elise’s Law

On June 14, 2017, Elise Wilson was working at the Harrington Hospital in Southbridge, Massachusetts, when she was savagely attacked by a knife-wielding patient. Wilson, a nurse, was treated for her injuries at the hospital but then had to be

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