We tackle the issues that keep you up at night.

Be confident your business complies with regulations—lean on us.

When it comes to compliance, you don’t know what you don’t know. We do.

We help you navigate the rocky and—let’s face it—confusing landscape of federal, state, and local laws and regulations. That means your business is protected across the board, from the most basic do’s and don’ts to the “what do we do now?” situations employers fear most.


What's included?

The GenesisHR advantage.

Day-to-day oversight

When it comes to compliance, “somebody’s gotta do it”—but that someone shouldn’t be you. We check off the long list of stressful (but necessary) tasks you spend too much time doing.

Complexity experts

From handling scary moments to crafting long-term strategies, we know your business by heart and stand beside you. We simplify, educate, and guide you in your responsibilities, taking away the burden where we can and being proactive in identifying new and changing requirements.

Policy influencers

Through our strong partnership with NAPEO, we have a voice in shaping state and federal laws. We are on the legislative ground floor, working to steer positive outcomes for businesses like yours.

Interested in what else GenesisHR has to offer?


Do you help us create and maintain a current employee handbook?

Absolutely!  Handbooks and workplace policies are essential to every business and a core deliverable for GenesisHR.  We have found that many employers struggle with staying current with these documents even with the best of intentions. We do the leg work for you and provide a compliant handbook template; we’ll also work with you on additional policies that are specific to your business and culture.  Once completed, we incorporate it into the onboarding process so all new hires receive and acknowledge a current handbook.

Do you help me with the basics like EEO-1 reporting, worksite labor law posters, and OSHA 300 reports?

Not to worry – we’ve got you covered on all of these!

I’m not sure about exempt and non-exempt status for some of my positions. Do you provide guidance on employee classifications?

Yes, GenesisHR provides compliance guidance on FLSA classifications, as well as other wage and hour requirements.  This is an area we review with our new clients so we can help make corrections, if needed, as we begin to work together.