Employees Everywhere

We reach as far as your company does.

Confidently manage your employee base in a world without borders.

Lose the location limitation. Seamlessly hire and manage worldwide.

You need the best person for the job, wherever they’re located. We provide support, payroll tax management, and compliance management for remote, multi-state, multi-location, and international employees.


What's included?

The GenesisHR advantage.

Remote & hybrid work

No matter where you are or how your team works, we help you onboard, manage, and retain the best talent. Whether you’re 50 employees in one office or 30 employees in 30 locations, you’ll always have access to a dedicated Genesis team of experts.

Multi-state employees

Hiring employees in multiple states brings headaches and a level of complexity that’s hard to manage on your own. We eliminate those admin burdens by ensuring your policies are compliant with the federal, state, and local laws associated with every employee, no matter where they are.

Global partnerships

Through our strategic partnerships, we ensure that your international employees receive the same HR support and benefits as your U.S.-based employees.

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How do you manage compliance for employees in different states?

Many employers these days are in multiple states, and keeping up with changing state legislation can be challenging.  Because we have clients with employees in almost every state, we are accustomed to these complexities.  Our compliance and HR teams utilize industry, state, and federal resources to remain current with employer requirements, and we readily share that knowledge with you.

Does the on-boarding process identify state-specific taxes and documents for my new hires?

Yes.  All on-boarding takes place in the Employee Portal, which will present the relevant documents and tax data associated with each new employee’s work location.

What happens if my business grows internationally?

Growing internationally is exciting for your business, and we can help!  GenesisHR has international partnerships that can help simplify the complexities and variations of employment law, payroll tax, and employee benefits virtually anywhere your business takes you.