Genesis would like to kick off the start of a happy and healthy new year with some blog posts you might have missed in 2014.

DOL cracks down on employer misclassifications of workers Interested in staying out of trouble with the Department of Labor?  Here are a couple quick questions to ask yourself.

Who is a full time employee and what are they eligible for?  Considerations as you hire and budget, so you can plan accordingly.

Recruiting should be a process, not an event  Successful businesses anticipate the loss of a key employee and have a pipeline of candidates ready to go. Here are some simple steps to take in order to create a recruiting process for your company.

Should I use social media to screen candidates?  Social media can provide valuable information to help hiring managers make their decisions.

Tips on recruiting Millennials  The need for top talent may never have been greater than it is for today. Here are tips to effectively recruit Millennials in the war for talent.

Are your employees taking “Casual Friday” too casually?  Casual Fridays that become ‘too casual’ can quickly turn into an HR issue. Here are some tips for employers to keep Casual Fridays from going too far.

Preparing an inclement weather policy for your small business  Steps to take when planning an inclement weather policy.

How to handle outstanding payroll checks  Things that need to be done before you begin the process of reporting and remitting unclaimed wages/property to the state of Massachusetts.

Appreciating employees without breaking the bank  Show appreciation for someone any day of the year, no occasion or planning necessary and for FREE!

5 Golden Rules of email etiquette  Standard rules to follow in regard to professional e-mail conduct.

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