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The Small Business Guide To Payroll

Processing payroll doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive, but if you’re doing it wrong, it can be both. We put together this guide to help you sort it out.

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Find and keep the best possible employees by providing the best possible benefits.

We make recruiting and retaining the best people for your company easier by assisting you in identifying and assembling benefits packages for the employees you have and the employees you want to have.

You’ll gain peace of mind when you have less turnover, less wasted time, and fewer costs associated with a revolving door.

See how you can provide top-rated benefits.

Know exactly how much you’re spending with transparent billing.

Some companies try to bill you in ways that make it difficult to fully understand how much you’re spending—they may appear to be less expensive, but the truth is hidden (and can be costly).

With us, your invoices are clear, detailed, and easy to understand, so you won’t be confused as to what you’re really spending.

Get a custom, transparent quote.

Get it done quickly and accurately with best-in-industry technology.

Our online HR, benefits, and payroll tools simplify and expedite administration for you—you tell us once, and we’ll handle it by collecting and maintaining your employee’s information and sending it to appropriate vendors without any additional work needed from you.

We’ll equip you with an online HRIS system most small businesses don’t have, so you can access employment information and management tools (and can then share those tools with your employees).

Learn more about our HR portal.


Work with a PEO rooted in New England that reaches as far as your company does.

We’re proud of our strong Massachusetts roots and even prouder to provide HR, benefits, and payroll support to you and your employees across the nation.

You’ll get industry-leading technology and benefits offerings that rival those of large national professional employment organizations (PEOs)—but instead of being put on hold when you need something, we’re there to answer your questions immediately and provide a customer service experience that is second-to-none.

Learn what makes Genesis HR special.

What Our Customers Are Saying


“Genesis is in the business of providing benefits, so they are in a sense forced—and they do it well—to have the latest technology to support me so that my high-tech employees get what they expect. We’ve run the numbers, and we couldn’t afford to do this without Genesis HR.”

Senior Director Operations/Controller
Nantero Inc.

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“With Genesis, you’re not changing health providers every year, you know what your costs are, and they also give your people the ability to pick up different plans depending upon your individual requirements. I’m very confident in what Genesis does and how they do it.”

Wolfers Lightning

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“When you’re a small organization, you can’t afford to have an HR department. Genesis gives me that department and then some. A simple call and I have expertise on insurance, payroll, and HR issues. It’s an intangible asset to us.”

Executive Director
Scandinavian Living Center

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