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ROI Solutions Incorporated logo

ROI Solutions Incorporated

“Our PEO arrangement with Genesis is successful because of their expertise around HR. Because we aren’t a huge company, we don’t have HR expertise in-house, and that’s what Genesis provides. Their level of professionalism, from payroll to benefits administration to performance, means we rely on them for even the hardest parts of the job.”

Berni Ferguson Vice President of Finance & Administration, ROI Solutions Incorporated

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Kaufman Company

"I recommend GenesisHR. They are very capable and knowledgeable and available. And I feel like they know what they're doing. They get the answers and resolve the issues. I don't usually have to worry about HR. It’s just easy with GenesisHR – they make my life easier. Instead of being an HR person, I'm running my company."

Jeff Kaufman President, Kaufman Company

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Flagship Press logo

Flagship Press

"GenesisHR really make us feel like we're a part of one big family. They're like an extended family to Flagship Press, I know that if we need them, we can call and they are there for us. And they know us. They know our style, they know that we still want to be represented as our family owned company. I would absolutely recommend Genesis HR to any employer, big or small."

Corinne Poor HR Manager, Flagship Press

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MOCA Systems logo

MOCA Systems

"When our company first began, we had a limited amount of resources to support our HR function. We partnered with GenesisHR to have all of the attributes of a full blown HR department, but at a minimal cost. And to this day, even though we've grown to over 120 employees, it is still the right solution for us and we continue to take advantage of their wonderful expertise."

Jim Phayre Vice President of Finance and Administration, MOCA Systems

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"Genesis has selected a good provider and everything, you know, that we're doing with them is top-notch. And that means that our people can focus on their work and not on worrying about their benefits. They do it well to have the latest technology to support me so that my high-tech employees get what they expect."

Phil Lohnes Senior Director of Finance & HR, Nantero

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Scandinavian Living Center

"Genesis gives me the HR department—and then some! A simple call and I have expertise in insurance, payroll, and HR issues. It’s an intangible asset to us."

Joe Carella  Executive Director, Scandinavian Living Center

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