Marathon runnersNovember 6, 2016, brought the dawn of the 21st Annual Genesis Battlegreen Run, and with it, the most productive fundraiser in the Battlegreen Run’s history. By all accounts, the funds raised in the last few years have grown exponentially—and from where we sit, the sky could be the limit for participating nonprofits.

In the summer of 2015, we reported that the Professional Employer Organization (PEO) service model would be applied to the 20th Annual Genesis Battlegreen Run.

Here’s how: A PEO builds many of the necessary infrastructure components for small businesses, including a diverse and talented human resource department, payroll, many types of business insurance, employee benefits, and resources to promote growth and ensure survival. It’s a one-stop shop for small businesses hoping to thrive.

Similarly, the Genesis Battlegreen Run provides corporate sponsorships, food vendor donations, police and fire department services, more than 100 volunteers, and a plethora of expenses required to operate a first-class event. Our partner organizations can raise funds using social media—paid for by the Battlegreen Run Foundation—and participate in the overall profits of the day’s events. Truly a “win-win” for those in the nonprofit community who choose to join the party.

In 2016, none of this changed—except that the fundraising efforts that resulted has reached a whole new level. (We expect this trend to continue.)

But there were some things that changed from a year ago.

In 2016, we partnered with a greater number of nonprofit organizations. They include:

Second, our partnership with Minuteman High School has boosted our efforts tremendously. Thanks to the culinary arts program, runners experienced an unbelievable post-race banquet!

And third, the model of the foundation has been enormously successful in terms of funds raised. In 2015, more than $35,000 was donated to our affiliated charities. This year, that number will certainly exceed $50,000.

Next year? Who knows. For nonprofits looking for a way to grow, the sky could indeed be the limit.