A clipboard with a checklist Every manager experiences letting someone go at some point in their career. Whether the reason is business related or performance related, it can fill even the most seasoned manager with feelings of dread.

The truth is, all organizations lose employees and the off-boarding process needs to be done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

For some reason, organizations spend a lot of time focusing on on-boarding, often neglecting the off-boarding process. The reality is that off-boarding is equally as important and should be handled accordingly.

Documentation of employee performance should begin on the first day of their employment and never stop. It’s extremely important to protect your business from legal action, so Human Resources should always be contacted before terminating an employee. They will know best if you have the proper documentation and cause for termination. If you have done everything you can to ensure your employee is successful, but termination is inevitable, your documentation will decrease the exposure to risk.

Automating your employee off-boarding process is a proven way to eliminate mistakes and manage compliance.  Creating a termination checklist will ensure you covered all of the necessary details during the process.

  1. Is the employee entitled to appeal their dismissal? What are the steps and who do they contact? What time frame to they have to start the process?
  2. When will they receive their last paycheck? Will they receive a paper check or direct deposit? Will their last check include any unused vacation pay, or will that be separate?
  3. When can they remove their personal items? If the situation for termination requires immediate dismal, perhaps setting up an appointment after hours Is best.
  4. Did I collect all ID cards, equipment, uniforms or other property that belongs to the organization from the terminated employee?
  5. Has the employee received the necessary information on unemployment and COBRA benefits? Are they fully aware of their benefits upon separation?
  6. Did I conduct a proper exit interview for this employee? Did I document the reasons for their termination? Are there any noticeable trends related to this position?

Following a checklist tailored to your organization will ensure you terminate your employees properly, while reducing the risk of potential lawsuits.

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