applause from employees Appreciation is one of the key contributors to employee motivation, so why aren’t we showing appreciation for our colleagues, coworkers and employees more often? There are so many ways to show someone that you value them and their contribution to the organization. And it’s so easy, that you can show appreciation for someone any day of the year, no occasion or planning necessary. One small act of kindness or token of appreciation will not only make someone’s day, but add value to the company’s culture.

There are endless opportunities all year long to show your appreciation. So, here are 5 ideas on how to appreciate your staff on any day of the year. And the best part is -they don’t cost a thing!

1. Give praise. It is important to praise a job well done. Identify a specific action that you found admirable and make it known to the person and to others. Applauding someone’s efforts doesn’t cost a thing and it will resonate with your staff that you took the time to recognize their hard work.

2. Say please and thank you. The most underrated way to show appreciation is saying please and thank you. Maybe because we get so busy or too wrapped up in our work, but for some reason we sometimes forget to say please and thank you. Thanking someone for their hard work and contributions means a lot. It is so simple, yet so gracious and appreciated by all.

3. Send a handwritten note. The business world is full of instant and electronic communication, so we often forget the power of handwritten messages. A handwritten note is not only more personal than an email, but it is rare and will surely make the recipient feel valued. Personal notes have tremendous impact on people. The act of sending a personal note is more powerful than the message itself. People don’t necessarily remember what you say, but they always remember how you made them feel.

4. Write about them. Recognize employees who have done exemplary work by writing a small article about them in the company newsletter, blog or on social media. Acknowledging the success of your colleagues and staff gives you new content and boosts morale.

5. Provide opportunities. Appreciate your employees by giving them something to appreciate. People want the chance to expand their horizons by developing new skills or participate on a special project or committee. Allowing employees to attend events and represent your organization or participate in philanthropy are all amazing opportunities that your employees will appreciate.

Appreciating employees will never go out of style and it will bring you great success in employee motivation, which results in a positive and productive workplace.

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