satisfied employeeIt seems obvious that satisfied employees are happy employees, and happy employees are more productive employees that tend to remain with their employer longer. But, how do you know if your employees are satisfied?  This seems like a good thing to know.

You can assess your employee satisfaction in a number of ways. Here are a few well proven methods;

1. Employee surveys. The best way to know if your employees are satisfied is by just asking them. The most efficient means is by using an employee survey. Successful employee surveys include the following;

  • Keep the survey anonymous to encourage honest responses
  • Analyze the results and identify areas to improve
  • Go public and share the results with the survey participants
  • Demonstrate that you ‘heard’ their feedback by making the necessary changes/improvements as indicated in the survey results
  • Repeat the process – the survey should not be a one-time event but perhaps an annual practice

2. Solicit direct feedback on satisfaction.  In addition to an anonymous survey, ask employees if they are happy. Asking employees directly will allow you to collect more personalized wants and needs of each employee. Soliciting this input can take place in a number of forums;

  • Add the employee satisfaction subject to the employee performance review – if there is an employee input page be sure to add a question about their happiness at work
  • Make an effort to include employee satisfaction in one-on-one meetings – ask employees what could make them happier at work – this will likely develop into a discussion about how happy they actually are and what could make things just a little bit better
  • Based on the feedback you collect, you can assign a satisfaction measurement to each employee

3. Regular employee communication.  Communication is the cornerstone for any successful relationship, and certainly a vital aspect to the employee-employer relationship. The more your employees know what is happening in your business then the more connected they will feel.

  • Foster an open door policy and welcome direct feedback from all levels
  • Provide timely and accurate updates on company news – disseminate company updates via electronic means; emails, newsletters/bulletins, videos, podcasts
  • Hold face-to-face meetings; all hands, department/team, and one-on-ones – encourage open dialogue

As you can see, there are formal and informal methods of collecting data on employee satisfaction. There is no right or wrong approach. Choose a method and measure the happiness of your employees.

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