Neil Sedaka proclaimed in his 1962 pop hit that “Breaking up is hard to do”.  With all due respect to the famous 60’s crooner, we submit otherwise.

Genesis clients are all fully aware that while contracts are written with a one year term, and renewed annually on an “evergreen” basis, a thirty day notice is all that is required (barring a breach) by either party to terminate the relationship.  It has been our practice since our inception in 1991 to prove our worth.  We have always subscribed to the notion that if it doesn’t work well for both parties, then there should be a very real and well understood “out” clause.  For the staff at Genesis, it drives home the message that we must prove ourselves to our clients each and every day.

Over the years, I have reviewed countless PEO Client Service Agreements and I have yet to find one that binds either party for a specific time period, without exception.  Regrettably, many clients of some PEOs are led to believe that their “window of opportunity” to examine other PEO partnership options is driven by the term of their contract.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  A 30 day notice to terminate the relationship to your current provider is all you will ever need.

At Genesis, we say that “It’s about time”.  Now could be the time.  With regional and legislative uncertainty looming, and a new tax year about to begin, now could be the time to reconsider your PEO partner.  For nearly 22 years, we at Genesis HR Solutions, the only ESAC accredited PEO headquartered in New England, have proven that we have the tools and experience that no other PEO can match for New England based businesses.

Sorry, Neil, but breaking up is NOT hard to do.  And it could lead to a much better relationship.