Here are this week’s links to a few good stories that we found and selected because we feel they might add valuable insights and perspectives for small to medium size businesses.

  • Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the maximum amount of cost sharing is $6,600 (self only coverage) and $13,200 (coverage other than self only) for non-grandfathered health insurance plans that begin in 2015.  In 2016, these limits increase to $6,850 and $13,700 respectively.  There was some confusion as to how these maximums would be applied so the Obama administration has issued some clarification.  Melissa Winn, writing for Employee Benefit News demonstrates an example in a FAQ issued by the DOL, HHS and Treasury in Obama administration clarifies ACA 2016 cost-sharing limits. Judging from the answer, it is easy to see why clarification was needed.
  • We hear the term “company culture” bandied about quite a bit.  I know that here at Genesis, we know its importance and keep it front and center.  Crystal Spraggins, writing for TLNT dives into the subject quite well in Why Isn’t HR Driving Company Culture?.  The bottom line here is that if you’re not concerned about your company culture, you should be.
  • Lastly, Minda Zetlin, writing for Inc. Magazine posted some great advice for company leaders.  I took special interest in it given that the advice comes from 24 leaders who are all women.  Given that the helm at Genesis is managed admirably by two women, I thought it was worth a look.  Read 7 Things the Best Leaders Never Fail to Do to learn more.  Frankly, if I had to pick some advice to crack the top seven, I couldn’t do it.  These leaders are dead on in their approach.

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