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Potential complications of maintaining an internal 401(k)
Do smaller 401(k) plans have more problems than larger ones? According to some, they surprisingly do.

Should I be paying my interns? 6 questions to help you decide
The short answer is “probably”—but take a look at our thoughts on this interesting discussion here, as well as this U.S. Department of Labor test for determining if an internship can be unpaid.

Giving successful references for excellent employees
Giving a reference is one of the best things that you can do for employees who are moving on. But before you jump the gun, you should keep five things in mind.

Exit interviews collecting dust? 5 easy ways to improve your numbers
No one likes exit interviews, but they’re critical to improving your business. Make the process a bit easier on your employees and yourself by changing these five things.

5 secrets to attracting the best candidate for your company
What is your company doing to edge out the competition? If the answer is “nothing,” then you might be losing some of the best and brightest could-be employees.Take action on these five secrets that can help you attract the best candidate for your company.

3 benefits of internal mentor programs
If you haven’t considered implementing an internal mentoring program, it’s time. Take a look at how starting a mentorship program for your business can benefit you.

Managing vacation requests during peak seasons
Managing vacation requests is critical in order to provide employees flexibility in choosing when to take a vacation. Putting a policy in place helps ensure that vacation plans work well for both the employer and employees.

Real business value in workplace wellness
Find out how our team benefitted (and continues to benefit) from implementing a workplace wellness program.