How to create and implement a stellar internship programInternship programs have come a long way. Forget coffee runs and copy jobs. Today, interns expect the companies they work for to treat them like real employees, even if their roles are limited in scope. They want increased responsibility and true training for future jobs. So employers need to be sure their internship opportunities align with these new expectations.

To learn more about designing a successful internship program, download our free guide. It covers best practices for establishing and implementing an exceptional internship program, as well as liabilities to watch out for. You’ll get details about each of the following areas:

  • Identifying your ideal interns. Learn where to go and how to find the interns that will bring value to your company.
  • Setting expectations and creating timelines for the internship program. Get information on how to assemble a team that can dedicate the time to determine the scope of the internship and establish timelines for the length of your internship program.
  • Understanding your internship program’s impact. In the age of Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat, your program’s positive or negative impact can play out larger than you expect. How are you protecting your company’s reputation?
  • Following guidelines for intern payment and compensation. In 2018, the Department of Labor issued new guidance on internship programs. Find out our position on these new guidelines, and learn best practices about paying your interns.
  • Exploring the benefits of mentorship within an internship program. It’s assumed that interns will benefit from an internship program, but your current employees can also benefit from providing mentorship to young people who are new to the industry.

If you plan to implement an internship program, or just want to see how to make your existing program even better, download the free guide below.