Cheerful Businessman Celebrating Success Keeping your employees happy might, at first, seem like a daunting and unmanageable task.

With a variety of personalities, and everyone seeming to be in their own world consumed with work, how do you get everyone fired up and excited about the day?

While offering perks like flexible hours and a competitive salary seem like obvious answers, they aren’t always on the docket, nor are they feasible.

So to help you create a work environment that is uplifting and motivates employees to be productive, here are some tips.

• Set clear expectations
Part of being a “good” boss is being honest and clear in your communication. Take the time to spell out what exactly your employee’s are responsible for. The clearer your outline, the more productive your employees will be.

• Encourage & praise them
When you encourage hard work and praise those who exceed your expectations, something magical happens. You prove to your employees that they are valued and they will be rewarded for their efforts. In turn, they prove to you that they are valuable and have behaviors that deserve recognition.

• Seek their advice
Solicit feedback from your employees and advice on how to improve. When an employee is allowed to provide an opinion on a matter that affects them directly, they feel a sense of ownership. Employees that feel that their opinions matter and that they can make a difference will translate into content and motivated employees.

• Show them they are valued
Valuing your employees will not only benefit them, but you as well. When an employee feels part of a team or essential to the company they will have pride in their work. Employees who are proud of what they do and the organization they work for will strive for greatness.

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