Watching football on TV with chips and drinksIf you haven’t already heard, there is a big football game on February 1! This one game is one of the most televised events every year. Businesses are spending as much as $4.5 million for advertisements, and spectators (at home and at the game) will spend hundreds of millions more on food and drink.

So what does this mean for you as an employer? Chances are that many of your employees will be among the millions of viewers who stay up a little later than normal on this Sunday, and might even have a couple cocktails to celebrate the occasion. Many businesses will operate as they always do during this time, but clever employers will not only acknowledge the Super Bowl coming, but embrace it, and use it to their advantage. Here are a couple simple steps you can take as an employer to embrace the Super Bowl.

1 – Acknowledge the Big Game coming – Keeping your head in the sand and pretending this weekend is just like every other weekend is silly. By acknowledging the Super Bowl is coming, you can properly plan –  whether that means throwing a party or simply not planning any meetings early on Monday following the Super Bowl.

2 – Engage your employees – Employee engagement is a hot topic these days and businesses should take advantage of every opportunity. Maybe plan a company “tailgate” lunch.  Encourage employees to wear their favorite sports jersey. Perhaps allow employees to decorate their office or cubicle with their team colors.

3 – Remind employees of their PTO – For those employees who really indulge in the festivities, a friendly reminder to consider using a vacation day could go a long way. It’s better for you to encourage vacation days than deal with all the sick days that could be called in.

4 – Offer flex time on Monday – There is a good chance that some employees will be in a bit of a fog on Monday morning. Allowing them an extra hour or two of sleep could lead to a much more productive day and some very appreciative employees.

5 – Don’t get involved in gambling! – Sponsoring or even allowing gambling in the office can get you in BIG trouble. This doesn’t mean you can’t make things interesting. You can still take “bets” or put together squares, but you cannot collect cash or pay out a cash prize. What you can do is have some contests that involve the Super Bowl with prizes such as free lunch, half a vacation day, etc. You can have fun, but don’t risk crossing the gambling line.

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