In a previous post, “Beyond 9 to 5, expanding your customer service”, I described some of the benefits of creating a web portal for your customers.  We provide our clients and employees access to a comprehensive Human Resource Information System (HRIS) portal, called MyGenesisHR, that grants them access to important human resource information 24 hours a day.

Always Open

HRIS Portal Access Showing 27% After Hours UseWe launched our HRIS system as an extension of our personalized customer service and as a way for our customers to have an always open connection to Genesis.  Over the past few years, the number of customers accessing the portal outside of business hours has grown slowly but steadily, sitting currently at about 27%.  That’s over a quarter of our customers that we can service when it is convenient for them.

What Resonates

The audience for our online tools continues to grow, with certain tools leading the way.  Some of the features that resonate most with our users are:

  • Viewing Pay Stubs – By far the most accessed tool on our portal, the majority of our users choose to check their pay stubs online.  Regardless of whether an employee receives a paper check or uses Direct Deposit, we provide access to the current and all previous pay stubs online.  This allows users to easily review their pay check and not need to keep a file cabinet cluttered with paper at home.
  • Printing W2s – Many people like to file their taxes as early as possible.  Our W2s are online several days before the paper copy arrives in the mail, giving employees a head start on getting their tax refund.   By providing an archive of all W2s, employees are able to reprint easily if a paper form is misplaced, or if a copy is needed for income verification or another purpose.
  • Checking PTO Balances/Requesting Time Off – Users can view their balances, including all accrual and usage history.  They can request time off, kicking off an automated workflow that notifies their manager of the time requested.

Repeat Customers

HRIS Portal Engagement Showing 78% Users Make Multiple Visits

The more relevant information you add to your portal, the more your users will keep coming back.  Over the last month, almost 78% of our users visited our portal more than once.  This repeat engagement strengthens our connection to our users, in addition to providing an easy way for us to keep them current on important news and events.

Other Benefits

  • Secure Communication – One of the most critical aspects of our HRIS portal is that it gives us a secure medium to communicate with our users.  Regulations regarding the transmission of personal data continue to get more strict, with good cause, making it increasingly important to have  a secure channel of communication.
  • Paperless Office – All of the information provided on the portal can be viewed and saved electronically, reducing the need for paper.  As many companies look for ways to “go green”, they can choose to receive reports electronically instead of through the mail.

We hope this insight into our HRIS system provides some useful food for thought for you own systems.