A vacation day is circled on a white calendar with a blue markerVacation requests can come in at various times throughout the year. It’s likely that you’ll receive an influx of requests during the summer months and major holidays. While you do want your employees to take vacations in order to recharge, it is difficult to handle multiple vacation requests around the most popular times of the year.

Managing vacation requests is critical in order to provide employees flexibility in choosing when to take a vacation. It also provides a way to have enough coverage in the workplace during peak vacation times. Having a policy in place helps ensure that vacation plans work well for both the employer and employees.

Notification Policy

In order to avoid an influx of vacation requests during popular vacation times, it is a good idea to set a procedure of when to submit a request. For example, some companies make it a policy to submit requests at least 60 days prior. Other policies can include having employees submit requests at the beginning of the year or during slow months if your business is seasonal.

Prioritizing Requests

Often times, you may receive requests for the same dates. This leaves the decision of which employee has their request granted up to you. There are a couple of options; you can decide based on seniority or you could enact a “first come, first served” policy.

Holiday Time

As the major holidays approach, you will receive plenty of vacation requests.  If you close your office for several days during popular holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, you may require employees to use some of their vacation days during this time.

With clear communication of your vacation policy, you will have less difficulty in handling multiple vacation requests. Having a vacation policy in place can help ensure adequate workplace coverage during popular vacation times.

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