Millennial employees Generation Y, also known as the “millennials” is currently the largest generation; there are more than 80 million millennials in the United States alone. So, it’s safe to say you currently have a millennial in your office or will hire one in the near future.

Growing up in the age of technology, millennials have been dubbed “the connectors of society.” They are constantly connected to the world by phone, texting, email and social media. Technology is always at their fingertips, so don’t be surprised when your disengaged millennials network their way to their next employer.

Here are a few tips to keep these hyper-connected millennial workers happy and engaged employees.

1. Give feedback. 
Annual reviews? Your millennials want constant feedback from you. Millennials have the drive and talent to be successful, but they lack experience. They want a manager who is committed to grooming them into an all-star employee.

2. Be authentic. 
Remember that old saying, “What’s better; a lie that draws a smile or the truth that sheds a tear?” Millennials need to hear the truth. If they’re not performing to your standards, tell them. Don’t worry about sugar coating your feedback, they appreciate honesty, honestly!

3. Provide Structure. 
Deadlines. Agendas. Goals. Mission. Vision.  – all words your millennials love to hear. They like projects with due dates, clearly defined goals and their manager’s vision of the completed task.

4. Show them the big picture. 
Millennials have an insatiable thirst for knowledge. They want to know what the “big picture” is and where, why and how they fit into it – it helps them understand the purpose of their work.

5. Let them fail. 
They prefer personal failure over micromanagement. Failure is an eye-opening experience for millennials. Making mistakes and implementing their own solution allows them to approach future projects with both caution and detail.

6. Mentor each other. 
As a manager, you may feel as though you have all the answers. While millennials have lots to learn about the “real” world, you too can learn from your millennials. You will gain just as much perspective from the mentorship as your millennials.

Your millennial employees can be a breath of fresh air for your organization. Retain these employees by investing time into altering your management style and techniques to fit their needs.

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