Here are this week’s links to a few good stories we found and selected. We feel they might add valuable insights and perspectives for small to midsize businesses.

We often hear about the importance of culture in a business or organization. At Genesis, we speak of it routinely, especially when a new hire is being considered.

Having run businesses for more than 30 years, I feel that business culture is extremely important. During that time, Genesis has had many different cultures emerge, and I believe that culture is something that requires ongoing attention. S. Chris Edmonds has an interesting perspective in his article,  Is Your Culture The One You Want? He references Deloitte’s 2016 Global Human Capital Trends Report, which highlights the fact that “culture can’t be viewed as ‘soft’ or irrelevant any longer. Culture is a real business issue! However, Deloitte’s study found that only 28% of business leaders understand their current culture well. Only 19% believe they have the right culture!” Count Genesis among them.

Speaking of culture, a good place to start is to lead by example.

Also, acknowledging that the buck stops with the business owner, knowing to share praise and living by the golden rule don’t hurt either. So says Deborah Flomberg in Employee Satisfaction: Lead Your Staff To Success & Happiness By Setting Good Examples. Her article is concise, and full of good advice that should be included on a business owner’s list of New Year’s resolutions.

Speaking of New Year’s resolutions, increasing sales might be something to put at the top of your list.

Annie Pilon gives us some great ideas in 10 Ways to Increase Your Small Business Sales in her timely article on the Smallbiztrends website. While some of her suggestions might not be germane to all businesses, setting smart business goals and increasing personal effectiveness are things that should always be front and center for business owners.