Nonprofits Take A Page From The PEO PlaybookSince 1996, the Genesis Battlegreen Run has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for a number of local charities. But it wasn’t until this year—the 20th anniversary of the 5K and 10K races—that the race committee adopted a new business model. Not coincidentally, it mirrors the PEO service offering in many ways.

In a PEO partnership, small business owners take advantage of solutions every business should have—a comprehensive payroll system, a robust employee benefits program including health, dental, disability and life insurance, as well as a competitive 401(k) platform, risk management, and more. A business owner who elects to go it alone quickly learns how expenses and lack of expertise can be overwhelming and not nearly as efficient as a PEO arrangement.

This year, the Battlegreen Run Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, was founded. Board members decided to adopt a new model to help other nonprofits help themselves. With the Genesis Battlegreen Run as the foundation’s signature event, the table was set.

Here is how it worked for participating nonprofits:

  • A few small, qualified nonprofits were identified and invited by board members to participate.
  • Those nonprofits were encouraged to register runners and walkers to the event.
  • Participants got access to a First Giving website, where they could register under their team’s name and solicit contributions via social media.
  • The nonprofit organizations were able to keep all of the money raised on the First Giving website.
  • In addition, each group was awarded a share of the overall profits of the event.

Behind the scenes, the race committee took care of the rest:

  • All race costs (police, fire, facility rentals, food and refreshments, race shirts, First Giving overhead costs, and all other supplies) were paid for by the many sponsors who supported the event.
  • More than 100 volunteers served as race marshals, water station workers, food servers, course and facility set up, food pick-up, split timing, and other necessary job functions.

In short, this turnkey approach allows the nonprofit to focus on one of its core competencies—raising funds as efficiently as possible. This is the same way a small business partners with a PEO.

The results of this year’s event were, in a word, astounding. The net funds raised totaled more than twice the 2014 amount, which was the previous record. While a few expenses need to be paid and some sponsor receipts are still being processed, all donations will be distributed before year end.

What can we expect in 2016?

More of the same, only better. Those nonprofits that partner with the Genesis Battlegreen Run can expect to raise funds more efficiently. Small businesses who partner with Genesis HR Solutions understand the model well, and as a result, they have more profitable, efficient businesses. The model works, and now it will work for nonprofits who are looking to raise funds. A fine business model indeed.

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