Every year, I love to look back and see what the most popular things of the year were. This year will remembered for its most popular song: Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars. And it doesn’t take a movie aficionado to know Star Wars: The Force Awakens was the most popular movie of the year, despite being released in December.  And the most downloaded app in 2015? Facebook!

We’d like to add a few of our own “greatest hits”—the six most popular articles on our blog. Take a look and see if there are any you missed! 

6. A termination checklist to automate the off-boarding process
Automating your employee off-boarding process helps eliminate mistakes and manage compliance. Creating a termination checklist is one way to make sure you cover all of the necessary details during the process.

5. Four common mistakes employers make in drug testing programs
These common mistakes employers make when implementing an employee drug testing program can lead to legal trouble.

4. Background checks—should we or shouldn’t we?
Can you delve into an applicant’s personal information? How extensive should inquiries be? And at what point in the hiring process should they be done? These are very important questions to ask before embarking on background checks.

3. Massachusetts sick time law
Find out more about Massachusetts’ new-in-2015 sick time law.

2. Solutions to poor attendance: How to reduce chronic absenteeism
If absenteeism has been an issue for your company, consider these five solutions.

And our number one greatest hit in 2015….

1. How to motivate multi-generational teams
A one-size-fits-all method to management and motivation simply isn’t effective anymore. To manage multiple generations successfully, you must first understand what each generation values. These tips can help you motivate your multi-generational team.

Happy 2016!