Looking for a trusted PEO advisor to help you manage the “people side” of your small to midsize business? GenesisHR provides customized Professional Employer Organization (PEO) solutions that pair knowledgeable experts with leading technology, scaling with you as your business grows. We are New England’s premier PEO for startups and small to midsize businesses, offering expertise on HR practices and policies, 401(k) and benefits offerings and administration, employer compliance, payroll processing and tax administration, risk management, and more. No matter the age or stage of your business, our PEO advisors assist you with every HR need—so you can do the work that helps your company grow.

To talk with a GenesisHR team member about how we can provide the support your business needs, contact us today. Or, keep reading to learn more about what it’s like to work with us—and how it can benefit your business.

3 Ways GenesisHR Works With You As Your PEO Advisor

At GenesisHR, a client-PEO relationship is a partnership in every sense of the word. Not only do you gain our expertise in administration, but you also gain a committed business partner who is equally liable for the employment decisions and actions of your company. For GenesisHR, that means we have “skin in the game”—we are in business with you, and your success in all areas of the HR world is also our success (and responsibility). (You can learn more about what it means to work with a PEO in this article.) Here are three ways we can lighten your load and ensure the smooth functioning of your business:

1. Compliance

The universe of HR legislation is ever-changing—local, state, and federal laws are constantly being updated and revised. As an employer, you don’t know what you don’t know, which can be a dangerous thing. If you’re not in lock-step with these revisions at all times (and constantly changing your handbooks to match these updated policies and regulations), you risk compliance oversights that can cost you.

As your PEO partner, we take on the responsibility and burden of making sure your business meets all the relevant compliance requirements. We stay in tune with all regulatory changes, updating you when necessary, so your business is always compliant.

2. Benefits Selection & Administration

When your nonprofit or company partners with a PEO, it becomes more competitive with larger companies. At Genesis, we give nonprofits access to a portfolio of benefits they could not get on their own—Fortune 500 benefits, health insurance, and more choices, which evens the playing field and allows you to attract better talent. Read more about the benefits packages and insurance offerings you could get if you partner with Genesis.

We can also give you insight into other companies’ benefits strategies. Our annual renewal process includes a discussion about contribution strategies, and our experts share their recommendations to help you max out benefits you can offer within your budget. We also run models to help mitigate benefits cost increases and manage renewals. By helping you understand your options for contributing to employee benefits and lowering your premiums, we make it easier for you to choose benefit plans that are advantageous to both employees and your company.

3. Sensitive Employment Issues

There’s not one single roadmap for how to handle the sensitive issues of employment, like performance management and terminations. For small and midsize businesses like yours, these tasks can be even more frustrating and costly if you’re unaware of the legal requirements of these tasks or best practices to help make them easier. As your PEO advisor, we’ll also train and assist you in matters like these when they arise, making sure your messaging and documentation is compliant.

GenesisHR: Your people-first PEO.

Some PEO solutions consider their tech platform their strength. At GenesisHR, we count our technology as just one of our strengths, in addition to providing top-notch people expertise for every single one of our clients.

As your PEO advisor, we know you and your company by name, and we offer solutions that are tailored to your needs and growth goals. We think this matters because human resources should be about humans—the people who are the heartbeat of your business! When a challenge arises, or when someone on your team needs an answer, you don’t want to be stuck on hold with an 800-number or trying to navigate a chatbot. You want a real, live problem-solver who will quickly help you with whatever you’re facing—and that’s what GenesisHR offers. Give us a call today to learn more about how we are a people-first PEO dedicated to serving our clients.

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