When choosing between Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) for your small or midsize business, it’s critical to evaluate the type of software each company uses. Technology is a key component of every PEO’s service offering; you’ll want to make sure that what you’re getting is a good fit for your needs.

Below are some key things to consider—and ask about—when comparing PEO software options.

Finding PEO Software That Matches Your Business: 4 Things To Consider

1. Scalability

It’s reasonable to expect that your business won’t always be the same size it is today; you naturally hope to grow. Your PEO’s software should be able to grow right alongside it. Choose a PEO with software offerings that you won’t outgrow, even if you make the leap from five to 500 employees. Ask potential PEOs not only how many people their software can accommodate, but also what the software requires from your team when changes need to be made.

2. Payroll

Payroll should be easy, efficient, and accurate—good PEO software can make it so. As you research options, be sure to ask about the available payroll customizations.

3. Onboarding & Employee Portal

Take a peek at the software’s onboarding, benefits, and employee portal, with an eye toward the following:.

  • The onboarding experience should be simple and pleasant. This will be your employees’ first impression of your company and your PEO partnership. It’s imperative that new hires—and your own staff—can complete forms and progress through documentation workflows smoothly and easily.
  • The employee portal should provide all workers with easy access to pay stubs, W2s, PTO request forms, and more.

4. PTO

Your PEO software should allow the employer as well as employees to see and manage calendars, manage PTO balances, and allow requests for time off.

Meet GenesisHR: A People-focused PEO With Excellent Software

When you’re looking for PEO software and a team dedicated to knowing your team by name, it’s time to talk to us.

  • Entering payroll directly into our system is easy—the software takes care of the math for you with cells you can populate yourself, or auto populate and enter only by exception. We customize time sheets for each client. You use whatever timekeeping system works for you; we will upload that information to save you time with data entry. If you don’t currently have a timekeeping system, you can use our fully integrated system.
  • We offer a mobile-friendly onboarding and benefits experience. Our web-based platform allows employees to log in from anywhere, with no need for paper forms. Employers can also complete forms, including the I-9, completely paperlessly.
  • Our software pushes PTO information directly into the payroll, creating a user-friendly workflow for clients that minimizes mistakes.

But we’re not all about software…

So many new PEOs are marketing themselves as a tech/software solution, but they deprioritize customer service to a degree that makes problem-solving a nightmare. Some provide chatbots instead of giving your employees an actual person to talk to; others provide an 800-number that feeds into an impersonal call center.

Partnering with GenesisHR is different.

At GenesisHR, the folks you work with are the same people your employees call. We get to know your entire team (and their names!), and welcome calls where we can provide assistance and answer questions. We’re driven by relationships—and yet we understand the importance of using technology to make work easier.

We’d love to show you how a partnership with Genesis might look for your company. Set up a time here to talk with us!

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