Here are this week’s links to a few good stories we found and selected. We feel they might add valuable insights and perspectives for small to midsize businesses.

As we reported, U.S. District judge Amos Mazzant of Texas issued a preliminary injunction blocking the Department of Labor from raising the salary cap to $921 per week.

With the upcoming transition to a new administration, many feel this rule is officially dead. Not so fast! In Congress Can Kill Overtime Rule For Good, But Court Might Revive It In The Meantime, Gerald Hathaway of Drinker Biddle & Reath says:

“Judge Mazzant’s ruling turns 65 plus years of how the law has been interpreted on its head. For that reason alone, I think that the decision will get the interest of the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, which has jurisdiction to hear an immediate appeal of the preliminary injunction issued by Judge Mazzant, and since the issues have been so thoroughly briefed, the appeals court could rely on the papers already submitted.”

Getting the rule reinstated might be a long shot, but it would be prudent to watch for further developments.

“Whether you are an immigrant looking for a job, in an HR department, or an employer who is looking to hire immigrants, many folks are understandably anxious over what the future will bring.”

So says Mitra Nejat and Branigan Robertson in What Will Happen To Your Immigrant Workers Next Year. Given the rhetoric of the presidential campaign and President-elect Trump’s 10 immigration goals, it is likely the E-Verify system may indeed be mandatory for all employers once the new administration is seated. This is something that certainly bears watching.

While employers might be wondering what the new administration will mean for them in January, we know one thing for sure: Winter is coming!

Those of us who live in the Northeast certainly remember 2015 as the winter we would rather forget. For employers, having a plan in place is always a good idea. Laura Kerekes article about this, Winter Is Coming: How To Prepare For Extreme Weather And Natural Disasters, is definitely worth a look.