fitness initiativeWith the New Year approaching, it’s the perfect time to consider joining many other companies who have implemented an employee wellness program in the workplace. Not only can a new wellness initiative help your employees stay committed to those New Year’s resolutions, but they can be of great benefit to the overall success of your company. Workplace wellness initiatives have been shown to increase productivity while decreasing absenteeism among employees. Wellness programs can ultimately result in a reduction of health-care costs, so ring in the New Year with a wellness initiative! Here are some tips to get started:

Free the break room of junk food. It’s tempting to dump that leftover Halloween candy in the employee break room, but loading your employees up on sugar doesn’t promote health and wellness. Stock the break room with healthy snacks, like fruits, nuts, and veggies. Forego that two liter of soda for bottled water or a water filter for the sink.

Encourage exercise. Sitting has been said to be the new smoking, so get those employees up and moving! Instead of filling the conference room for your weekly meeting, consider hosting a walking meeting outdoors. That way, you can discuss goals while simultaneously promoting wellness. Also consider giving the gift of “fit” this holiday season. Purchase stand up desks for the office or if the company budget permits, buy everyone a fit bit and find a fun way to track activity.

Create a club or support group. Consider creating a walking club that meets during lunch breaks– and offer incentives to those employees who participate. Alternatively, create a weight loss support group where employees can support each other and share their successes.

Remember that mental health matters. Don’t forget how closely mental health is linked to physical health. Persistent stress has been linked to a host of physical ailments, including heart disease and high blood pressure. Remind your employees to take care of their mental health– encourage frequent breaks throughout the day so that employees can chat with a co-worker or step outside for some fresh air.

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