Ring in the new year - Genesis HREach week, we post HR articles for small business owners, HR managers, and those in charge of finance at their businesses. Here are a few helpful articles that you may have missed in 2017—check them out and see how they can help you!

1. Small business tips for disaster recovery

Natural disasters or accidents can seriously disrupt your business.  This article explains why it’s important to have a plan in place before disaster strikes, as well as some important considerations for staying compliant with laws.

2. 7 things a new employee should bring on their first day

An employee’s first day can be stressful, so here are some helpful hints to make it go as smooth as possible.  Most importantly: Be proactive and reach out to your new hire before their start date to make sure they have time to collect all the information they need.

3. Flexible scheduling best practices for your company

Does your company offer flexible schedules to your employees?  Learn more about the benefits, as well as some tips for crafting a policy that works for you and your employees.