social media Social media is everywhere. An employer would be hard pressed to find an employee without some form of social media presence. And because of this, you always hear horror stories about someone getting fired for badmouthing their boss or harassing a co-worker online. In fear of losing their job, many people avoid posting anything online relating to their job at all.

While employers definitely don’t want their employees bringing negative attention to them online, having no attention can also have adverse effects. The beauty in social media is, a single post can empower your organization’s brand and show your network who your company truly is and what it stands for.

So if you actually enjoy working for the industry you serve and want to share your experiences on social medial, do it! You spend most of your days at work, so your work sphere becomes a large component of your life. For those who have ever wondered what was “safe” information to post on your personal social media accounts relating to work, here are five examples.

1. Company events
Anything ranging from company parties, cookouts, restaurant outings, and holiday events are great ways to reveal that your work knows how to have fun…and get the job done. It also conveys team spirit, unity, and a positive culture. Let your network know that you work for the best company in the world!

2. Congratulatory remarks
Did your co-worker just announce she received the promotion she interviewed for weeks ago in the company? Or how about your senior manager who has contributed greatly to the organization, celebrating 20 years with the company? These occasions are worth congratulating on your social media accounts.

3. Birthday “shout outs”
Most people love their birthdays and exude excitement when someone remembers their special day. Go a step further in your birthday tribute by sharing something exceptional about that person or giving a sincere compliment. They will genuinely thank you for the praise.

4. We’re hiring
This works best if your work is publicly hiring for qualified individuals. You can briefly mention the details in the post while disclosing a link where they can be led to the company’s site for specific information. It’s very possible that the perfect candidate for the position lies within your network. Share the good news! And if you’re always posting such great things about work, who wouldn’t want to join your team?

5. Community sponsorships
Is your organization involved in any upcoming community charitable events? Share it! By doing so, you are helping your company reveal a positive image where people would be glad to do business with because they are actively involved in serving the public. Show that your company gives back by posting pictures and content that promotes the community event.

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