New Hire Hiding Behind Sign that says "New" Picture this.

It’s your first day at your new job.

You arrive late because you didn’t have access to employee parking.

You scurry into the office and the HR representative is nowhere in sight.

You patiently wait for her arrival so you can fill out the proper forms and go over new hire procedures. The HR rep is running behind on her work due to her late arrival, so she runs through the new hire spiel as quickly as possible. She forgets to mention important job expectations and you receive no guidance on 401k distributions and the benefits you receive working at your new company.

She gives you a brief tour of the office before leaving you to fend for yourself at your new desk.  Overwhelmed, you sit down and ask yourself, “Did I make the right decision accepting this job?”

The moral of the story is; first impressions are everything. A new hire’s first day sets the tone, so don’t send them running for the hills with a poor on-boarding process. Here are some tips to help your new hire’s first day go smoothly:

1. Send a Welcome Email

It’s the HR Representative’s responsibility to make sure a new hire feels welcomed and prepared for their first day. This can easily be done by reaching out to the new employee by email explaining parking details, where you will meet them, the dress code and what they need for their very first day.

2. Administer an Agenda

Attached to the welcome email should be an agenda that outlines the new hire’s first day. Giving your new hire a detailed agenda will make them feel more comfortable because they will know exactly what to expect upon arrival on their first day. Don’t forget to schedule enough time for the proper introductions with management and the new hire’s team!

3. Present Policies and Procedures

Review all of the new hire policies and procedures step by step with your new employee. You want them to have a complete understanding of their job expectations and guidance on the benefits offered to them. The last thing you want is your new hire to have unanswered questions!

4. Provide Access to Technology

Depending on the level of security and how technologically advanced your company is, you should make sure your new employee has access to the proper technology. Ensure the employee has access to parking and all of the necessary facilities.

The first day of a new job is nerve-wracking enough, so prep your employees for a successful first day with a killer on-boarding process.

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