Employees sitting in on a training programEffectively trained employees are the key to any successful business, large or small. Too often, however, employee training doesn’t translate to the workplace, rendering it largely ineffective. Ill-prepared training sessions often result in frustration and decreased employee morale.

Before you plan your next employee training session, consider the following tips:

Create behavioral objectives. Training sessions often focus on filling employees’ heads with an abundance of information, but neglect to tell employees exactly what they’re supposed to do with their newfound knowledge back in the workplace. Behavioral objectives– which are given at the start of any effective training session– clearly tell the employees what they should be able to do by the end of the program. This is different from telling them what they should know. Employees must understand what they need to do differently once back in the workplace.

Give it time. Ineffective training sessions focus on cramming as much information as possible into a short time period. Effective training programs focus on quality training rather than the quantity of information delivered. Anytime employees are learning a new skill or program, there’s hesitation and even resistance. Give employees the time to practice their new skills, ask questions, and voice their concerns. Offer plenty of encouragement while they adjust to their new normal.

Take it back to the workplace. Once back in the workplace, it’s common for newly trained employees to experience an initial decrease in productivity as they adjust to their new skills. The most effective training programs don’t leave employees high and dry in this situation. Instead, they have coaching available back in the workplace to provide support during the adjustment period. This is often accomplished by training an internal employee to act as a coach to newly trained employees.

Conduct a post-training evaluation. In order to determine whether or not your training program was effective, a post-course evaluation is necessary. This should take place a minimum of 3 months after the training session, giving employees time to adjust and implement their new skills. The evaluation should measure how effectively employees are using their new skills. Consider having a professional come in to observe employees or having manager’s complete surveys about their employees’ application of the skills.

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