red feedback box with a submissionEmployee satisfaction is essential to the success of any business. Knowing whether or not your employees are happy and committed to their jobs is vital. Good managers know that happy and satisfied employees are more productive and loyal employees, who are less likely to look for other job opportunities. Therefore, keeping turnover low and ensuring employees are satisfied with their careers should be a priority for every employer.

So, how do you know if your employees are happy in the workplace? Below are some tips for measuring the satisfaction of your employees:

Provide a suggestion box. Honesty is the key to measuring employee satisfaction successfully. Often, employees feel more comfortable being honest if they’re allowed to do so anonymously. This is where a suggestion box is helpful. Employees can leave thoughts and suggestions with no name attached. Consider placing an actual box placed in a high traffic area, or provide a virtual forum where employees can both leave suggestions and respond to their colleagues’ ideas. If you choose this method of measuring satisfaction, it’s essential to have a dedicated HR or managerial staff member who regularly responds to employee queries and suggestions.

Form employee committees. Employee committees, or small groups who represent various parts of the company, are often an effective way to gauge employee satisfaction. These committees should meet regularly to discuss any suggestions or concerns. Then, the committees should routinely present any pressing issues to the management team.

Provide surveys/questionnaires. Properly developed surveys/questionnaires provide invaluable insight to management teams but it’s essential to collect the right information. Make sure to ask probing questions that will uncover the root of dissatisfaction among employees. The purpose of the survey/questionnaire is to identify any areas that need improvement.

Host one-on-one meetings. All employees should have regularly scheduled individual meetings with their managers. During these meetings, managers should encourage their employees to discuss work/life balance and any particular issues that are currently causing them stress in the workplace. Additionally, managers should ask employees about specific goals they have and brainstorm together ways to achieve them. Besides regularly scheduled meetings with their direct manager, employees should also have the opportunity to meet with members of the senior management team on occasion. This provides employees with opportunities to discuss concerns that they might not feel comfortable discussing with their direct supervisors.

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