Here are this week’s links to a few good stories we found and selected. We feel they might add valuable insights and perspectives for small to midsize businesses. 

The vacation season is about to begin, but do Americans take true advantage of paid vacations? Many might take a day or two once in awhile, but they never really take a vacation—either because their company’s policy won’t allow it, or worse, they simply don’t take advantage of it.

Glen Stansberry, co-founder of Gentlemint, highlights that U.S. companies’ lacking vacation policies may actually be bad for businesses. I agree with his advice to offer a good vacation policy and encourage your employees to take it. Learn about the importance of paid time off in his article, Why Paid Vacations May Be Beneficial to Your Business. It makes sense for your business and those who work for you.

Business owners are often guilty of the same crime: taking care of everything and everyone except themselves. But the reality is that taking care of ourselves is critical for the survival and growth of our businesses. In her article, Want to boost the bottom line? Invest in yourself, Tamara Holmes offers some interesting and unique tidbits that make a lot of sense.

When I woke last Friday morning, I was stunned to learn that Brexit actually happened. And so was the stock market. Americans lost a significant amount of  money in their 401(k) plans on that day. So what is an investor to do? According to James Ledbetter, we should all basically take a chill pill—the comforting message here is that it is “far too early to hit the panic buttons.” Read Why You Shouldn’t Freak Out About the Brexit to learn more.