2016 Lexington Lions White Tricorne Award Recipient Dick Perry and his wife, Pat.

Lexington, Massachusetts rightfully calls itself the “Birthplace of American liberty.” This moniker is well-deserved, because on April 19, 1775, the first armed resistance to the British Crown took place on the town common, known today as the “Battlegreen,” and with it, the American Revolution was underway. Genesis HR Solutions takes pride in the fact that Lexington is also our birthplace as well, and with good reason.

In 1991, as a newly founded Professional Employer Organization (PEO), Genesis called Lexington its home. For the next 14 years, this bastion of American history saw the growth and success of Genesis HR Solutions. In 1996, our company was named the third-fastest-growing privately held company in the U.S., and since then we have taken great pride in our client partners. Now, as we reflect on the 241st anniversary of the Battle of Lexington—an event that surely changed world history—and our 25th anniversary, we take pride in our birthplace as well.

Honoring Our Birthplace

In 1996, Genesis HR Solutions began its sponsorship of the “Genesis Battlegreen Run,” which has raised nearly $250,000 for a number of charities, including Habitat for Humanity Greater Boston and the Genesis Community Fund, which was established to address scholarships for Lexington residents and human service needs within the town.

We have always believed that local businesses are responsible for supporting the community they call home, and even though we are now headquartered in the great town of Burlington, Lexington will always be our community home.

The White Tricorne Award

In 1954, the Lexington Lions Club inaugurated the “White Tricorne Award,” which is awarded annually on Patriots’ Day (the third Monday in April) to “a citizen of Lexington who has dedicated his or her life to making the community a better place.” Since that time, the announcement of the award has been a highlight of the Patriots’ Day celebrations and follows the reenactment of the historic battle.

Those who select the recipient, in our experience, are wise in their conclusions. Here’s why: The winners listed below have been a sponsor of the aforementioned Genesis Battlegreen Run:

  • 1992: Lynne Wilson (Wilson Farms)
  • 1997: David Williams (Savage Real Estate)
  • 1998: Bill Dailey (Bill and Maryellen Dailey)
  • 2002: Don Wilson (Wilson Farms)
  • 2004: Leo McSweeney (McSweeney Painting)
  • 2009: Nick Cannalonga (Wagon Wheel Nursery)
  • 2010: Dave Eagle (KEMM Management)
  • 2011: John Carroll (Stone Meadow)

Moreover, those listed below have been partners of Genesis HR Solutions for many years and have not only supported our community efforts, but, by their acknowledgement as a White Tricorne Award winner, have proven to be a genuine supporter of their community. We are proud of our partnership with the following:

  • 2001: Peter Kelley (Shaker Glen Construction)
  • 2007: Beverly Kelley (Shaker Glen Construction)
  • 2013: Bob Sacco (Lexington Press)
  • 2015: Dan Busa (Busa Brothers)
  • 2016: Dick Perry (Shaker Glen Construction)

Genesis offers in sincere congratulations to this year’s winner, Dick Perry. Along with his business partner Peter Kelley, Shaker Glen Construction has been a symbol of corporate community responsibility for many years, and we at Genesis could not be prouder. And on a personal note, as a lifelong resident of Lexington, I second that emotion.