team buildingWe recently held our annual leadership retreat here at Genesis HR Solutions, where 8 of our company leaders took three days off together in an off-site location (Martha’s Vineyard for us). It was difficult to juggle schedules and make sure we had the coverage we needed back in the office, but it was certainly worth it in the end. We came out of the retreat as a stronger leadership team with a clear plan for 2015 and beyond. We all left with a better understanding of how we can work together to accomplish our short and long term goals as an organization. Such leadership retreats are becoming more popular for businesses large and small and always seem to be worth the hassle of pulling it off. So why might you consider a leadership retreat for your team?

Focus – One of the most tangible benefits of getting away for a retreat is to be able to focus. Every office is full of distractions, with phone calls, emails, and co-workers who need your support. Trying to put together a strategic plan while in the office would prove fruitless. Even if you have a good plan and the right folks in the room, distractions are inevitable.

Perspective – Bringing together leaders from different parts of the company can bring amazing perspective. We tend to operate in silos. The accounting department typically doesn’t speak to the customer service department when they put together their strategic plans. Fresh perspective from other parts of the company can be great, and that customer service leader could have some great ideas that would improve the accounting teams plan.

Camaraderie – You do not need to become best friends with the other leaders in your organization, but developing your relationship a little further can’t hurt. Most retreats involve some socializing, and just spending so much time together for a couple days will lead to a close group that hopefully develops a sense of trust in one another.

Direction – A well planned retreat should result in detailed plan with specific tasks and goals for the organization. Having clearly defined goals and tasks is so important in business today. Plan for follow-up meetings with the group throughout the year to track your progress and see how you can help each other achieve success.

Planning and scheduling a leadership can seem like a daunting task, but the long term rewards for your organization far outweigh any inconvenience you might have in the short term.

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