Veteran's Day marked on a calendarVeteran’s Day is typically observed each year on November 11. This particular day is the anniversary of signing the armistice, which brought the World War I hostilities between the Allied nations and Germany to an end in 1918. Veteran’s Day is intended to honor and thank all military personnel who serve and have served the United States. In honor of Veteran’s Day, flags are hung at half mast, a period of silence is usually held at 11 am and there are parades and many other special activities to celebrate.

The United States places much importance on veterans, but why are some employers so reluctant to hire these veterans once they re-enter the civilian world?

Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions that returning soldiers suffer from Post -Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or have the inability to learn/adapt in a business setting. While enlisted careers vary, most involve mechanical, transportation, human service or office skills that transfer directly to the civilian world. All enlisted jobs require a high school diploma. There are also military officers who act in leadership roles that require planning, directing operations and making critical decisions. Officer positions require advanced degrees and most have generally completed a four-year college degree or greater before serving.

The truth is that employees who are U.S. veterans are a major asset to your business. Their strengths include, but are not limited to:
Ability to work in teams. Teamwork is the foundation of military operations. Veterans may teach you a thing or two about working together to accomplish goals.
Accountability. Military personal know the true meaning of responsibility and they take pride in completing their tasks and missions. They are trained to complete their assignments, even under straining and stressful situations.
Cross-functionality. Military personnel are often cross trained in multiple departments and have experience in a variety of roles.
Problem solving. Extensive training is implemented to make military personnel able to solve problems in a fast and strategic manner.
Adaptability. Most people are afraid of change. A veteran employee has been trained to adapt to changing situations and they can bring much influence to the rest of the team.
Dedication. Veterans have sacrificed their lives to protect the United States. An employer would be hard pressed to find an employee with as much dedication as their veteran employee.

Typically, hiring a veteran will result in a dedicated employee who has developed an array of valuable skills that your business can benefit from.

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