5 business tasks to do before 2016“Oh, great, another list of things I need to do!”

If the title of this article gave you that reaction, you’re not alone—as the holidays beckon, getting business tasks and projects completed seems like a Herculean effort. However, the following end-of-year tasks are critical, so make sure you’re doing them well.

1. Revisit your business strategies. The goals you set now are key to your future success. Make sure you’re reviewing your year, and plan for things like taxes, insurance and marketing.

2. Review your financials for 2015, and plan for 2016. Hopefully, you’ve already set your budget for the new year, but if you haven’t, it’s not too late. In addition to this major item, make sure you’re paying attention to things like 1099 information, fringe benefits, and inventory.

3. Pay attention to your company’s IT needs. Don’t neglect critical system upkeep and maintenance tasks that keep your company running smoothly. Things like updating passwords, and information security and disaster recovery plans are crucial to your business’s health—don’t put them off.

4. Prepare for a smooth payroll year-end. It’s not too late to make sure your payroll calendar is in good shape for the year. There are several tasks you need to accomplish to stay compliant with regulations, and you can learn more about them out here.

5. Be proactive about employee benefits. Help your employees reach their goals and take care of themselves by preparing and reviewing things like flexible spending accounts, health savings accounts, and total income statements. Taking initiative to help your employees with benefits shows your dedication to them and their well-being.

Wondering how to get started with each of these tasks?

You’re in luck! Our guide details each of these processes, so you can start 2016 with your best foot forward. Just click the link below to download it for free.