February 14th marked on a calendar With Valentine’s Day upon us, it’s only natural for everyone to feel a little warm and fuzzy inside. Valentine’s Day compels us to show the people we love that we care, and it’s not limited to just our personal relationships. It’s also the perfect opportunity for businesses to give their customers, clients and social media followers some extra love and attention too!

Here are some ideas on how to strengthen your relationship with your customers this Valentine’s Day.

Spread the love

Chocolate, candy and hearts galore! Spread the love this year with some holiday décor. Decorate your storefront or office to get everyone in the holiday spirit. Take the time to send personal and heartfelt messages without a sales pitch to show your customers how much you appreciate them. And if you are able to interact one-on-one, hand out candy or Valentine cards to customers to create a positive and memorable experience.

Give them a gift

The best gift you can give your customers is your undivided attention.  Are they satisfied in your relationship or are they considering breaking up with you?  Spend a little more time nurturing your business relationship to show your customers you truly care. Consider sending out customer surveys and implementing the most common suggestions you received. Find out what you can do to keep them happy and committed to your relationship.

Be responsive on and off-line

Make sure your interactions with customers online are just as good as they are in-person. Take personal responsibility for answering questions and replying to comments on social media. Whether the comments or reviews people make are good or bad, being responsive is key. If a dissatisfied customer were to call you on the phone, you’d answer, so make sure to be just as responsive to their needs online.

Businesses’ should being show love to their customers all year long, but Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to rekindle the flame in your business relationships.

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