Simple Workplace Wellness Tips For Every BusinessAre you making any New Year’s resolutions? There’s a good chance you will be joining the 45% of Americans who do—but will you be apart of the much smaller group—8%—who actually keep those resolutions?

If one of your resolutions is to be healthier, there’s no better place to start than by thinking about workplace wellness. For many of us, the place we spend much of our waking hours, the office, can be a huge help (or hindrance) to staying on track with our health and fitness goals. Here are six workplace wellness tips for every business to consider implementing:

1. Incentivize employees for health and diet initiatives.

Consider “paying employees back” for their hard work in maintaining their physical and mental health. Popular options include cash and gift cards, but don’t be limited by only that—you can also reward employees by giving them additional paid time off, contributing additional funds to their Health Savings Accounts, or even raffling off workout equipment, clothes, and other “healthy” prizes.

2. Make it easy for employees to incorporate fitness into their daily routines.

We’ve seen this implemented in several ways. Your company can provide discounts for gym and fitness classes, or, if you have the space, you can make your own “gym” or fitness facility in the office, where your team can exercise over the lunch hour or on breaks.

3. Use tracking devices to make fitness a fun, friendly competition.

Many companies of all sizes are using tools like Fitbits in the office to enter into friendly competitions. Who’s going to take the prize for most steps for the week, month, or even quarter? These types of games are fun, and they can also capitalize on the spirit of teamwork in the office. Consider doing individual and group challenges—maybe you could pit department vs. department for a little added fun. The Fitbit wellness page has more information you can use to learn about implementing this with your team.

4. Schedule in fitness just like you would schedule a meeting.

One great tip we heard from Ann Wyatt via Talent Culture’s weekly #tchat is catered to those of us who love to use our calendars for everything: “Driven by your calendar?  Schedule it in!  Make time for activity in your Outlook calendar just like any other meeting.” We love this idea, and it makes sense to prioritize wellness just as much as that weekly client meeting. You’ll also be more likely to keep your exercise routine if you have a consistent reminder.

5. Go out of your way at the office.

Instead of fighting for the best parking spot in the lot, park at the back of the lot, away from the office, and use those extra moments to move, breathe deeply, and stretch. If possible, go on a 20-minute walk at lunch. Instead of waiting for an elevator, take the stairs. These small movements add up when you do them twice (or more!) a day, five days a week. Do yourself a favor by staying active while you’re in the office.

6. Bring your lunch instead of eating out.

Health isn’t just about physical activity—paying attention to what you’re eating at work is a critical part of workplace wellness. In addition to eating healthier, you could also save a hefty chunk of change over the course of a year. A skinnier waistline and a fatter wallet? Sounds pretty good!

These six simple steps are easy to implement individually and throughout your organization. By taking care of the health of yourself and your fellow employees, you’ll see happier, more productive, and more loyal employees.