The Supreme Court has made their decision and the political rhetoric is in overdrive from both sides of the political spectrum.  In the midst of all the noise, what is a Small Business Owner to do?

In Massachusetts, the answer is clear and one that all employers with 11 or more full time workers have dealt with since health care reform became the law of the land in the Bay State.  Not much will change.  But for those with employees outside the Commonwealth, questions remain.

If elected, presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney has vowed to take immediate steps to repeal PPACA.  If Romney becomes President, would a “wait and see” attitude by small business owners make sense?  Not according to Marilyn Werber Serafini who writes for TLNT – The Business of HR in her piece –  Some Employers Waiting Until After Election to Prepare for Health Care Law.

An overturn of PPACA would require a majority vote in the House of Representatives, a 60% super majority vote in the Senate, and an obvious change in the oval office.

While President Obama currently maintains a very slight lead in the electoral college polls, a few more months of adverse hiring numbers could pay big dividends for the Romney campaign.  And of course, the presidential election could be swayed by issues as yet unforeseen.

While some predict gains by the Democrats in the House, few would suggest that the Republicans stand even a remote chance of losing their majority.

However, in the Senate, the Democrats currently hold a 53-47 advantage.  In November, the 33 seats up for grabs are currently held by 21 Democrats, 10 and two Independents.

While the Democrats may have the most to lose, most polls do not see a significant shift in the Senate – certainly not enough to achieve a 60% “super majority”, which would equate to the number of votes needed for a PPACA overturn.

The bottom line is this – Marilyn Werner Serafini is likely correct.  The chances for overturn of PPACA are remote.  Business owners should pay attention, and soon, to the implications of this law which may soon dramatically change the landscape of the small business workplace.